Wednesday Work 🌈

Letters and sounds 👂

Today we are looking at the ‘ear’ sound.

Have a go at the worksheets below.

Ear Words and Pictures

Use Your Ears to Hear Game

Fine motor  ✏

See if you can cut and stick the shapes to make your own castle!…/t-t-29279-2d-shape-castle-pictures-activity-sheets.pdf

Maths: ➕

Today our focus number is 18. It is made up of One Ten and Eight Ones.

All About Number 18 PowerPoint

Have a go at the activity sheets to accurately count to 18. Make sure you double check your answers.

All About the Number 18 Activity Sheet


Topic 📚

Use Youtube kids to find a video of your favourite story. Is it exactly the same as the book?

Can you do this word search about books?

Word search

Who would you like to share a story with?

Share a story picture