Our overall aim is for children to leave our school being able to stay safe online, be equipped with the skills they will need for their future and to have the confidence to know how to apply these skills effectively in different situations in the wider community. In addition to children enjoying and achieving well within computing lessons, we provide them with opportunities for computing to be used in other subjects to enhance their overall learning experiences.

At St George’s we have a range of technological equipment available for use; every class has an interactive board linked to a laptop and there is a bank of laptops and iPads. These are available for classes to use, as and when appropriate, for all areas of the curriculum. We also have cameras and digital recording equipment to enhance and record learning.

In Foundation Stage, the children learn about push button toys; they learn to use iPads and computers and we talk about using computers safely and accessing appropriate websites.

In Key Stage 1, the children begin to understand: how to write and debug programs; how to program toys; how to record events digitally and how to stay safe online and using appropriate websites.

In Key Stage 2, the children use: Microbits to learn how to code; Scratch to write programs and create animations and Windows Movie Maker to edit and create videos. They also explore e-safety in depth, including being ‘share aware’ and how to stay safe on social media.

We subscribe to Purple Mash (Purple Mash is an award-winning cross-curricular website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way). Each child has an individual log on and teachers may set children work to do using this where it is appropriate.

ICT Curriculum overview

Year Group Autumn term Spring term

Summer term

Early years

Online safety & basic skills Programming & online safety

Animation & Creating Simple Digital Content & online safety


Online safety & basic skills Programming-beebots, ozobots, purple mash & online safety

Animation & Creating Digital Content & online safety


Online safety & basic skills(newspaper Christmas Programming-beebots, ozobots, purple mash & online safety

Animation stop start time lapse animation & online safety


Online safety & basic skills Programming-microbit & online safety

Photo montage, editing photos and setting it to music. & online safety


Online safety & basic skills Programming-scratch & online safety

Animation-time lapse ‘real’ creations-lego and plasticine & online safety


Online safety & basic skills Programming-scratch & online safety

Movie creations & online safety


Online safety & basic skills Programming-purple mash coding blocks and script & online safety

Performance video trailers blog & online safety