Our SENDCo is Mrs Holly Evans


The needs of our pupils will be identified at the earliest possible stage and every effort will be made to maximise potential for learning. At St. George’s we aim to give equal opportunities to children of all abilities including those who find learning a challenge, or those who have a physical, social or emotional difficulties. We believe that a child may have difficulty in one curriculum area whilst being able in another. All children deserve the opportunity to succeed and improve according to their aptitude and ability in whatever area of the curriculum. We strive to provide an Inclusive Education for all. If you ever have any concerns about your child, please do have a chat with their class teacher.

Useful resources for Parents and Carers: 

PEGS – Child to Parent Abuse Support

PEGS has been set up to support both parents and professionals deal with the issues associated with child to parent abuse. They are based in the UK.

They have awareness and training sessions to help people learn new tools and techniques when dealing with abusive children, what policies are out there to assist families, and what other support networks and frameworks exist in the UK.

You can visit their website here: PEGS they also have a PEGS Facebook page that has lots of information on, you can also contact them through their page.

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