At St George’s we believe that all children and staff should feel secure, valued and happy at school. We strive to ensure that children are supported in all aspects of emotional health and wellbeing and they know who they can talk to if they are feeling sad or worried.

We are taking part in the Wellbeing Award for Schools with the aim of improving our current practice so that all stakeholders can benefit from our inclusive approach.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy (Parents)

Our Children and Family Support Manager, Mrs Johnson-Taylor, has vast experience and is available to give support and advice on a wide range of wellbeing matters. Parents can email her directly at ehwbstgeorges@taw.org.uk or telephone school to book an appointment. Alternatively, parents can always talk to Class Teachers or Senior Leaders if they prefer.

In the Wellbeing Help & Support Page you will find links to areas which you may find useful to support both you and your child. Please contact us if you have other information that might help to support our community’s emotional health and well-being.


Recent Updates

Self-care for Children

Self-care is a huge part of looking after our emotional health and wellbeing. Both adults and children need to remember to take time to look after themselves and have some ‘me-time’. It can be easily forgotten with busy schedules, but here are a few simple self-care ideas for children. What could you try with your child today?

-reading for 10 minutes?

-listening to music?

-ask each other how your days were?

-write down how you feel?

-go for a walk?

-have a hug?

Self Esteem Activity for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Improving children’s self-esteem can sometimes be challenging. Self-esteem helps children cope with mistakes. It helps them to try again, even if they fail at first. Self-esteem helps children to do better at school, at home, and with friends. Children with low self-esteem often feel unsure of themselves.

Below is an example of a self esteem activity you could do with your child to help create a positive conversation about how they feel about themselves.

Choose below the relevant age group to find a sheet suitable for them😊




Red Nose Day in Year 2

Red Nose Day 2021 — robmiles.com

This year Comic Relief is celebrating the way that laughter, smiles and silliness can bring people together regardless of their differences.

In year 2, we had a go at creating our own jokes and shared them with our friends to make them laugh. Here are a few examples that the children came up with:


Why did the lion choose for his ice cream favour?



What did the monkey say when he stepped on a nail?

Ooh ooh, ah ah


Knock Knock, 

Who’s there?


Moo who?

Moo who who?

Are you a cow or an owl? 

Cow with Black Spots Clip Art - Cow with Black Spots Image | Cow clipart, Cartoon cow, Cow art


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