Pupil Voice

School Council

Here at St. George’s Primary School, we take great pride in our school council. We believe that the school council provides a meaningful way in which children can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account, when considering decisions which impact upon their lives. School Council is an excellent opportunity to promote democracy and understanding about local and global citizenship and accountability.

Our School Council consists of 19 children (1 representative from each class and 3 mentors). We meet once a month with the PSHE coordinators Miss Bibi (Phase One teacher) and Mrs Morris (Phase Two teacher) to identify the successes and areas for development. From this, we create an action plan and feedback is given by the school councillors in whole phase assemblies.
In the words of our school councillor Aaron,
‘We are the heart of the school. We think of all the other children and make it better for everyone’

School Council Minutes

Minutes from the meetings will be uploaded to the school site and displayed here:

School Council Minutes 13.3.2020


Children from Year 4 are appointed as Eco-Warriors. Their aim is to reduce waste, recycle and upcycle as much as we can and reduce our energy use.
CWOC (Children working for other children)
We have a group of Year 5 and 6 children who are our CWOC members. Each year our school has a chosen charity; lots of activities take place to raise money including cake sales, making and selling craft items, raffles and a stall at our summer fair. CWOC also work hard to inform our school community about our chosen charity which helps to raise the charity’s profile locally!


A group of Year 3 children are appointed as our St George’s Wombles. They take pride in keeping our school tidy and enjoy projects that make our school look fantastic.

Collective Worship Group

In 2019/2020 worship at St George’s centres around our six new values. It also includes Christian celebrations, festivals and Saint’s Days. The Worship Team, which includes children from Year Two to Year Six, works together with teachers and governors to help with the planning, delivery and evaluation of worship.
The Worship Team collects ideas from each class about the themes they would like to include in Collective Worship. They find or write appropriate stories and prayers, as well as being influential in the selection of music, songs and hymns.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are pupils from Year 5 / 6 who help younger children in school at playtimes and lunch clubs. They receive training and support from staff to ensure they have the skills to help others effectively.

Quiet Garden

Children from Year 4 have created a quiet garden. They work hard to keep it looking beautiful and enjoy planting bulbs and shrubs. Each lunchtime calming music is played and children have the opportunity to sit and relax.