St George’s C of E Primary School runs its own nursery on the school site. The nursery is very much part of the school with the same standards, ethos and culture. This includes the same school uniform.

We operate a flexible system for parents to choose times during the week that suit them. The different time slots we offer are as follows:

  •  All morning sessions (08.30am-11.30am)
  •  All afternoon sessions (12.20pm-3.20pm)
  • 2 full days and an extra half day. Full days are 08.30am-2.30pm. We can have children straight through until the end of the school day at 3.20pm if you wish, however there will be an additional £3 charge per day for this.
    (Invoices will be sent to the given home address for you to pay for this.)

We provide lunch where required and have a limited number of places for 30hours. We also work closely with Little Dragons Playgroup on the site to provide full time care.

Parents will need to register their child for the Nursery with the school office by filling out an application form. The nursery teacher will contact parents by letter closer to the start date, asking if they still require a nursery place. Full details will be available when we confirm a child’s place.

Little Dragons

Little Dragons, a private provision on the school site, take children from 2 years old for preschool/childcare. Little Dragons has established links to local child-minding networks who can provide childcare from 0 to 5. After School care is now on the school site with the Big Dragons After School Club.
The Little Dragons website is available here with more information.

Please note, Little Dragons & Big Dragons are not run by St George’s C of E Primary School.