End of year prayer.

Loving God,
At the end of the school year
we give you thanks
for all that we have achieved together.
We remember times when it was fun,
times when we needed help
and times when we gave our help to others.
Thank you for each person in our school community
who has helped us to learn.
Thank you for our classmates
who have become our friends.
Give encouragement and confidence to those
moving onto new schools,
and bless us with rest and enjoyment in the coming holiday.

Catering in September

As you will know from the information sent to parents yesterday, only Reception, Y1 and Y2 will be eating meals in the hall. Each of these year groups will have a time slot  in the hall to eat so that two year groups are not together.

All other children will be eating in their classrooms. If your child is having a hot school dinner, these will be brought to them in closed boxes to retain heat. We are unable at this time to offer school sandwiches.

If your child is having a hot meal, it will be served complete. The children will not be able to choose for example if they have sweetcorn or baked beans with their meal.

Please see attached menu for your information.


Information for September

Please see attached links for the information which was emailed out to parents on 15.7.20.

Whole school return letter July 2020 final

Start and end of the day arrangements

aerial map of school

Attendance Statement for September

If you have any questions please ask- we don’t want anyone worrying about anything over the holidays. You can contact us by email or telephone but please note, we are closing for the summer holidays at the end of the school day on Friday 17th July.

Staff will be back in school on Tuesday 1st September and the office staff will be able to respond to emails and phone calls then.

Children return on Wednesday 2nd September- start and finish times are detailed in the documents above.

We do hope you all have a lovely summer.


End of school year message from Reverend Evans, Chair of Governors

From Rev. Kevin Evans, Chair of Governors.

As we approach the end of what by any standards has been an immensely challenging school year, I am writing to express my thanks and that of all the governors to every member of our school community.

Even before the onset of Covid19, the difficulties caused by a delayed and then problematic building process had presented challenges which required considerable patience, hard work and determination to overcome whilst still providing a suitable and effective learning environment.

The difficulties presented to all of us by the Covid19 pandemic have been in a different league altogether and have left us all wondering, ‘How on earth do we cope with this!’ The answer in the case of St. George’s School was and is, Magnificently.

Although, like many I have felt personally frustrated by how little I have been able to contribute I have drawn huge comfort that however little I have felt able to do, it has been part of a much bigger and effective effort.

Sir Winston Churchill when looking back at the Battle of Britain suggested that when history judged our nations and commonwealth that those judging could say that ‘this was their finest hour’. If the same judgement was made of how this school has coped with all that we have faced, I for one would be humbled but immensely proud.

Finally, this is a time for ‘moving on’. We have not been able to give our year 6 the kind of shared ‘send off’ we have in the past. But, we send them off in the same spirit of thanks and blessing. There are new things to learn and be in the future, but please remember the important values learned, shared and shown here at St. Georges.

A Blessing.

Let us go into the world in peace,

Let us all have good courage.

Let us offer to no one,  harm in return for harm.

Let us encourage the frightened,

Help those who suffer,

Love and serve the Lord.


And the blessing of God almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Be with us all, evermore, amen.





We hope you have all had lots of fun researching your scientists and conducting lots of exciting experiments!

I will attach the PDF’s with all the activities on again below, just in case you have missed them! If you have completed your year groups activities and want to do some more, feel free to dip into any other year groups resources or you could do them with your siblings!

Remember to share any photos or videos with us at nurseryteam@stgeorgesschool.org.uk.

EY Bubbles

KS1 Paper Planes

Whole school spinners

y34 sundials and space

y56 Telephones

Two girls in year 5, Evie and Ruby, have sent us some photos already. Have a look at their super work below.


Super Scientists - Science Bulletin Board | Science bulletin ...

We can’t wait to see your photos and videos, St George’s!


Roger Betteridge (Governor)

In loving memory of Roger Betteridge, Governor, St George’s C.E. Primary School.

We were all shocked and saddened by the sudden death recently of Roger, one of our school governors.

Roger was our longest serving governor having accepting the role soon after moving into the area  with his wife Jan, and their eldest daughter Emma, had started at St. George’s school. In turn Katie, Beccy and Pippa followed their big sister through St. George’s and Roger maintained and developed his participation and contribution to the life of the school as both parent and governor.  Thankfully, even after Pippa moved on into senior school  he continued in a new capacity as a governor right up to the end of his life amongst us.

Roger was a great gift to the school with his expertise and wisdom. He also was good to be around as he made his contributions in a thoughtful and gracious way.

As chair of governors I found great reassurance in the knowledge of Rogers’s presence and his ability and commitment to the school. I know we will all miss him deeply.

Another aspect of Roger besides his devotion to family and his faith, was his voluntary work at Blist’s Hill Museum. I only became aware of this on a visit there with my wife Janet and her two goddaughters, when we went in to see the Pit head winding gear. There was Roger in his costume carefully explaining the vital process of lowering and lifting the workers and materials up and down the pit shaft. Looking back I think if I had to entrust myself to being in a crowded cage and lowered rapidly deep down into the earth, I could think of no better person to be doing it.

Thank you, Roger for everything. Goodbye, and God Bless.

Reverend Kevin Evans