Chick watch- day 3! 🐣 🐥

Mrs Garraway had a huge surprise this morning when she came in to find not one, but eight of our eggs have hatched! The children (and the staff!) are absolutely in love with our new chick friends and we have learnt all about the ‘brooder box’ that the chicks will now live in. We are proud to introduce to you, Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth, Lionel, Dixie, Chick Norris, Marshmallow, Robby and Rainbow.

Storytelling Event

Peter Chand, a storyteller who will be joining us in school in the Autumn Term, has asked if we can share the following information:
Festival at the Edge (FATE) is the oldest storytelling festival in England and is thrilled to announce that we will be on a physical site again in 2021. We hope you can join us 16-18th July at Hopton Court near Cleobury Mortimer Shropshire for a feast of magical storytelling, music, workshops, story walks and much more. Whether you are an adult or have younger listeners, there is a mixture of stories and activities from great artists from all across Britain and beyond. Tickets will be limited and need to be booked in advance, and all guidelines will be followed to ensure we run a safe and comfortable festival for all. For a unique weekend in truly amazing surroundings please see our website- We really look forward to welcoming you.

Easter Message from Rev. Kevin

Easter Message from Rev. Kevin.

Looking out and seeing the flowers, walking about and feeling the warmth of the sun and a soft gentle breeze instead of a chilly blast all adds to the feeling that spring is here and with it Easter. New life, new beginnings, the plants and trees and birds and bees waking up from their winter slumber, Happy Easter indeed!

But Easter is more than that in the Christian faith. I know many people would prefer Easter without the ‘death bit’. Isn’t it better without?

Easier to live with perhaps but missing the point entirely.

Celebration is great but what if we forget what we are celebrating?

Many of us will have been concerned about the gathering of mainly young people in a park in Birmingham. Although some were still trying to stick to the rule of six a lot were not. It was just great to be out and about again so why not celebrate?

Celebrate yes, but let’s not forget what we have been through and what it has cost in terms of lives lost and hard work and dedication. That would be ungrateful and disrespectful. We hope never to go back to that place again but if we forget that place exists and what it was like, then we will.

Easter celebrates the victory of Jesus over death and sin for all of us. Each year we remember not just what Easter brings but what it cost.

Happy Easter! Let’s celebrate all that it is.